The goal of this project is to create a general, easy-to-use database-aware grid component. It is to be used simply in Mason templates:

<p>This is a <%"Mason"%> template with an editable database grid</p>

    # Use for example DBIx::SearchBuilder for interfacing a
    # database table:
    my $table = new MyProject::Tables::Invoices();

<& /DBGrid,
   connection => $table,
   fieldprops => {
                    sum => { editable => 1 },


I am currently developing some project that need this functionality. While I managed to get it work, I tried to generalize it. By moving it into this separate library, I hope to reach a good enough generalization :). However, it needs a certain amount of work to create documentation, examples, so to make this library useful for everybody. Hence the project is just in a "Planning" phase, though code is available (but probably not very much useful).


Currently this code is used as imported code. Its good because

  • the instability does not hurt a project that depends on some feature renamed or disappeared

  • the install is trivial: just give your project-root for =make export=, and it injects the neccessary files into your project. You can specify the particular directory locations as usual:

    make export PREFIX=~/myproject
    make export PREFIX=~/myproject COMP_ROOT=html \
                                   LIB=perllib \


The code more or less develops itself, however every time I feel like making notes, I'll use the PLAN file.

Release plan

I'd say a couple of months at least until the first documented release.

Until that, the code is available from the anonymous SVN of the project.


You are very welcome to tell your thoughts or comments on the mdbgrid-devel mailing list, or by mailing to the email address of the maintainer.

Best regards,
Baldvin Kovacs